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Synergism is the act of taking a small grain of what you want, then expanding on it. 


Take a dollar, and concentrate on the dollar to make it grow.  Concentrate on the fact that this dollar, after you have made it grow or mentally create it to grow (do not be afraid to make it grow mentally), reproduce itself many times, a million times if you want. 


Take that dollar and make sure that you give it to another person.  But make sure that person is someone who is in need.  You have enacted to the Universe what you want.  You have put your needs or your wants into motion.  It becomes a domino chain reaction.


You also must give conditions to it, “If it is to grow, I will get so much.  I will give so much to someone else helping the needy, the poor, the homeless."


God is the ultimate contractor.  You are connecting to the Divine Resource, who makes things happen.  If people only knew that all of this swirls in the atmosphere.  It depends on who can connect to it, and who will be tenacious enough to pull it down.


That is why some people are lucky, and some are not.


If you believe in something long enough and construct it in a programming way, it will happen!


The only reason that things do not happen or people do not get their wishes or their dreams or their hopes, is because they cash in too early.  They give up!  If we are not willing to give up!   If we are willing to believe in something greater than ourselves!


Prayer is a confirmation that a hope or a Wish will be granted; that the Opportunity will appear.  You must of course seize that opportunity.


Positive thoughts are the energy that will propel your wish or prayer. You can only pray for things that are possible, not impossible!  To receive, you must give.  People say:


     I asked for Prince Charming.  Are you are Princess Charming?


     I asked for health.  Did you do things that will bring health?


     I do not have friends.  Are you a friend?


     I am not loved.  Do you love?


     I am never forgiven.  Do you forgive?


All the Wishes that you have go in a safe place.  They are allotted out at given moments.  The angels and archetypes are “controllers” of our wishes, but they do come from God.


No wish in fulfillment is ever selfish.  Do not be afraid to ask for as much as your mind can think.


Activation is very important, so that you are worth more mentally and physically than you are.  Act proud with mirth and health.  If you act well, you will be well.  If you act the part, you become it.


When your Wish comes at the same time your Window of Opportunity opens, Miracles occur.  Synergism is stronger when two or more gather to asking for the same thing.  This is what gives church gatherings more power to effect positive change.


You make a Wish occur by specifically asking for it.  Ask for exactly what you want to happen, such as “I want enough money to live well.”  Ask for when you want it to happen, such as “now and throughout my life.”  You can even ask for more than you need, so you can help others.  Be as specific as you can.