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Sharon's Story

1.  I was born on September 4th, 1955, in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I was raised there and graduated from high school in 1973 from Marion Abramson Senior High School in New Orleans East.  I was married in 1973 and gave birth to a son, Stephen, on September 30, 1975.  I have a granddaughter, Victoria, age 10, and a grandson, Andrew, age 3, who both live with their mother and father in Louisiana.  I joined the U.S. Air Force on November 1, 1977 and retired 20 years later on December 1, 1997.  While on active duty, I served in Saudi Arabia for 6½ months during Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  I was also able to acquire my Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology in the area of counseling from Eastern New Mexico University at Portales.  I continued my graduate studies after retirement, completing 51 hours of masters work in Counseling Psychology in 1998 at the same college.  I worked for the State of New Mexico for 7 years, as a worker who evaluates eligibility for Welfare, Food Stamps, and Medicaid. 


2.  In July of 2005, I was carrying a box into my home, up a few stairs, and lost my balance.  When I fell back on my right knee with all the weight of this box and my personal weight, I felt a tear in my knee.  This was a strange accident since I could have easily purchased a dolly, and it might not have happened at all.  My next walking step told me that I had done some damage to that knee.  My life was never the same after that day.  I believe now, looking back on it, that it was no accident, and actually an attempt to slow me down and point my life in a different direction.  I did not work for the next entire year.  I was forced to remove all the money from my retirement fund with the State of New Mexico, in order to live.  It is very humbling to be comfortable and then all of a sudden to be seriously budgeted.  This was the lowest point in my life.  I was walking with crutches or a cane to get around and do the simplest of chores.  I was in constant pain.  I then found myself in the midst of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, trying to help my parents with their destroyed home, when I could barely walk myself.  Helping others who are worst off than you are can be a spiritually rewarding experience.


3.  During this time, I began to read Sylvia Browne’s books.  I found solace and humor in the pages of her books, and that was truly the beginning of my own spiritual path.  I read her Book of Angels and bought an inexpensive tape recorder.  I read every meditation from this book directly into that tape recorder.  I would play my voice back and visualize, falling into a deep meditation and even sleep.  It was difficult at first to concentrate but seemed easier as I continued to do it.  What could it possibly hurt, right?  I was already in pain.  Then slowly but surely, I began feeling better, and I was reminded by Sylvia of how to pray.  "Prayer" is asking God for help and "Meditation" is listening for the answer.  I was thankful and grateful for the ease of pain, so I needed to pray to express my gratitude.  My background is Catholic, so I have prayed all my life but never with zeal except during Desert Storm when I thought it might be my last prayer.  I never quite got the Catholic doctrine.  Not enough of my questions were ever answered.  I would say,” This does not make sense.”  It was explained by elder Catholics by saying “you must believe it based on Faith alone."  I would usually reply with a joke about my middle name being Faith (which it is), but I still didn't quite get it.


4.  When I felt well enough, I traveled on my own to Kansas City, Missouri, to see Sylvia Browne lecture on one of her tours.  I got a great deal on the plane ticket and had just enough money to do it and be able to stay at a decent, but not the best hotel.  Her lecture was interesting.  I watched and listened carefully to Sylvia speak and tried to detect her motive from her manner.  I tried to sense with my limited intuition if she had anything but the purest of intentions.  I wondered if it could all somehow be a hoax for the stage and money.  But she sounded and appeared to be so genuine.  Could she be a messenger from God, sent to help us through this life?  I can now remember that night as being one of the most emotional and moving for me.  I was in pain from standing in the isles to hear her clearly.  My least-expensive seat was so far away that the sound did not carry clearly.  Despite the pain of standing, I found myself in the presence of so much positive energy and love.  I’d never felt that kind of energy around me before.  It was a bit overwhelming to say the least.  I just absorbed it all into my memory.  I wanted to understand where that energy came from. 


5.  Toward the end of the lecture, Sylvia said “And now we are going to do a healing meditation.  This meditation works, so you may not feel it immediately but over a period of time healing does occur.  I get calls all the time about how well this healing works.”  I thought to myself, “Sharon, now you need to memorize what she says.”  That was a funny thought later, considering that the next few minutes I spend sobbing and trying not to be seen doing so by anyone in the audience.  How embarrassing to be a grown woman and cry uncontrollably for the entire meditation.  And I don’t mean a few tears here and there.  I mean a real explosion with flowing tears, like the floodgates had been opened.  When it was finally over, and I was able to catch my breath, I thought, “What was that about?”  I was definitely drained by the time the lecture ended, but I felt a sense of relief somehow like a light bulb went off in my head and a feeling of hope on was finally on the horizon.


6.  I didn’t feel well enough to wait in line to meet Sylvia after the show for an autograph, but it was the most worthwhile trip for me otherwise.  I understood for the very first time what it felt like to be enlightening and loved on a spiritual level.  That one healing meditation was so intense for me that it propelled me to continue on my own spiritual path to whatever the future might hold.  Prior to that, I’m not sure I really wanted to live the rest of my life in that kind of pain.  I am still considered disabled by the Veterans Administration because I do have disabling problems that keep me from working sometimes, but my chronic pain is virtually gone.  When it surfaces occasionally, I am quick to put it at bay by asking for healing, meditating, and yes even directing healing I feel comes from the power of my mind through visualization.


7.  As I continued to read Sylvia’s books, I kept hearing about her Spirit Guide “Francine,” who kept her advised of her path and gave her comfort in times of need.  I thought to myself “I must not be that special.”  If I had a spirit guide, he or she hadn’t said a word to me in 51 years.  That for me was a depressing thought…to have a Spirit Guide, that had not done or said anything to help me through life...or maybe, I had been ignoring any input or attempt…that was an even more depressing thought.  I went to bed that night meditating and questioning if I had a Spirit Guide because I knew in my heart that I was a good person, however misguided at the moment.  I was just about to get to sleep, kind of in that "not awake but also not asleep yet" time period, when all of a sudden out of the darkness of my mind, I heard a voice say clearly “Elizabeth,” as if replying to my question.  I was jolted awake with my eyes wide open.  I stopped all thoughts and replayed that one event in my head, wondering if I had actually heard it or dreamed it.  The voice sounded a bit irritated with me, like I should know her name already. 


8.  With that one word, I found the beginnings of my relationship with an entity, who had probably been trying for my entire life to get my attention.  I felt how frustrated she must have been with me having pushed the ignore button early on in my life.  I also remembered an event in elementary school where I met a girl named “Elizabeth,” and I remember saying to her that I liked her name.  But when another girl asked if I knew someone else with that name, I could not think of anyone I had ever known.  There was a weird sense within me that I did know another Elizabeth.  I found it strange that my mind could play that kind of trick on me.  With all my societal pressures to conform, I learned early to dismiss any unusual feelings or thoughts I had.  My Spirit Guide, Liz (as I call her now), continues to say very few words but always ones that mean so much to me.  I even asked to see what she looked like and had a visual of a woman with dark hair, worn up in love locks (if you remember those), and she was not very tall, but she projected great love toward me.  So I know what she looks and feels like now.


9.  I also felt that my entire life was filled with emotional confusion and a lingering depression.  I read Sylvia’s book on Past Lives, Future Healing and remembered that I had been born with a distinct birthmark on my forehead.  This had always been a curious thing for me since it stared back at me in the mirror when I was younger.  I wondered if I had been shot in a prior life as many birthmarks indicate.  People even commented to me as a child that I looked like I had been shot in the forehead.  This led me to want Past Life Regression Hypnosis.  I was not able to find a hypnotist specializing in doing it near where I lived, and traveling to one was just too expensive.  I read the meditation at the end of Sylvia’s book on past lives into my recorder and played it back. 


10.  The very first past life I saw, in Mexico, was short lived because I stood up to some bandits, who then shot me abruptly in the head.  I loved my parents in this Mexico life very much and was very sad to leave them so suddenly.  After this past life self-regression, I felt a great sense of healing and overwhelming peace.  I actually felt the pain lift from my body when I said in the recording to release the pain and negativity into the White Light of the Holy Spirit.   I continued to ask God to resolve and release my past life pain into the White Light of the Holy Spirit with every prayer just as Sylvia suggests.  And after a period of time, I no longer had any confusion about why I was here on Earth or what happened to me in a past life that might be affecting this one.


11.  Lastly, I joined a single-person Novus Spiritus Study Group since there were no groups available in my area.  I receive a church service CD each month, which usually has a great healing meditation on it that is part of the church service.  I also found the information from the Journey of Soul Topics filled with the ‘rest of the story.”  I now chat online with friends who are Gnostic in other parts of the U.S. and have a strong conviction in my beliefs.  I absolutely love that Gnostic Christianity embraces many religious beliefs, especially those that embrace a belief in a loving, caring God, and not a God to ever be feared.  There really is a thread of commonality in most religions.  You just have to look for it. 


12.  I find that some people are raised in cultures that have the strictest of religious beliefs across a spectrum and others are raised in cultures with no religious beliefs.  It is obviously difficult to have an encompassing and perfectly correct belief system, so I don’t even try.  There really is no need.  Everyone is responsible for his or her own spiritual path.  I think even those with their own religion, created just for them alone, are still God’s children and deserve a place to worship and learn about God that is totally free of religious prejudice.  That is the path I have found with Novus Spiritus.


13.  For all the reasons I’ve mentioned above, I have given my will to God because God's will is no different than mine.  I have asked for psychic and healing abilities, so that I can help others.  This website is the beginning of my way to empower others to learn more about their own gifts.  Sylvia Browne has not endorsed this website, nor does she personally profit from it.  I just believe that her ministers and employees do incredible work and deserve all the help they can get to expand their love and light. 


14.  You might say that my association with Sylvia Brown’s books and Novus Spiritus has dramatically changed my life.  My goal is simply to pass along the love since I am eternally grateful to her and God for my life of happiness and abundance.  The idea for this website was not mine.  It came to a friend, popping in his head from nowhere.  I believe it was infused knowledge and meant to point me in the right direction.  I have heard that if you do something for the right reason, people will come and success will follow.  So this venture is my “Field of Dreams.”


15.  In April 2007, I completed training at the Sylvia Brown Hypnosis Training Center in Campbell, CA.  The class lasted 2 weeks, and it was intense training.  I learned to do hypnosis and was surrounded by 15 other loving like-minded women.  There was so much energy in the classroom at times when we all meditated that the speakers would mysteriously malfunction while the music was playing.  It was such a powerful experience that I would not trade it for anything. 


16.  I did have difficulties getting through the class because I became very ill for the final exam.  I never expected life to be completely easy.  I'd be the first to get bored if life was too easy.  Sylvia Browne did send a message to us on the 4th day of class.  We were only her second hypnosis training ever.  She said she could feel our energy psychically.  She said that we were not there by mistake.  We were supposed to be there.  She assured us that we had a mission to help her spread her message and philosophy, and we were all very capable.  I found her words inspiring and felt like we all got a personal reading from her that day.  Some of the things I experienced in class follow.


17.  I arrived in Campbell, CA, 2 days early for Hypnosis Training Class because I wanted to attend a Novus Spiritus Church Service on the Sunday before.  I would finally get to participate in a church service, and I was excited and hoping it was like Sylvia's lecture, and I'd get to feel all that great energy and love.  This was the church Sylvia founded so it was possible.  Novus Spiritus presents a simple service, so do not expect major adornments or a really large church if you are so blessed as to be able to visit there and attend.  It is a medium size room with a statue of Azna and a simple cross on the wall above her.  There were folding chairs to sit on. 


18.  A minister lights a tall white candle up front at the start and several ministers participate in the service, sharing their inspirational messages.  We were allowed to write a petition to Azna on a blank sheet of paper and turn it in to be burned ceremoniously and buried in the garden.  Several people stood up that day and each told a story of how their prayers had been answered.  Some stood up and asked for other prayers too.  It was a very special experience and one I am not likely to forget.  That same overwhelming feeling of love and energy was evident much like at the lecture, and yes I cried.  Not a sad cry, but just more love than my finite mind could process.


19.  I met another student at the service, Chris, who had the same plan as I did about getting there early.  After the service, Chris asked me if I wanted to go with her to the Winchester Mystery House.  I did not have plans and was grateful for the company in a new place where I had never been.  We took the tour through the mansion, and I saw a lot of rooms but no ghosts.  It was still daylight, when we were not as likely to see ghosts anyway.  After the tour ended, we decided to grab a bite to eat.  Like me, Chris found solace in the Novus Spiritus philosophy and Sylvia Browne's books.  We had a lot in common and talked about the church service we had attended and our wonderment about the upcoming class.  When we decided to leave, we walked back to the Winchester Mystery House and sat on a bench, awaiting the shuttle's return for us.  It took a while for it to come.  Since neither of us knew what to anticipate in the class, we were talking about how excited we were at just being there.


20.  The wind was blowing some but not a lot.  The sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day.  All of a sudden, a small cluster of white flowers (round in shape) rolled across the cement and directly over to me.  It had many other paths it could have rolled but somehow ended up right at my feet.  We both looked around to see of the wind was blowing any other flowers but none could be found.  We were both quiet for a moment until Chris final broke the silence and said, "well, look at that!"  And then of course she wanted to know, "where's mine?"  I told Chris that I was taking that as a sign of good things to come.  We both thought the flower came from Azna.


21.  During the church service earlier, a woman had stood up and talked about receiving a yellow rose on her front porch from Azna after petitioning her.  I thought to myself that I had prayed and had prayers answered by Azna but never did get a flower on my front porch as some have described.  I think that having one propelled at me, by a not so stiff breeze and landing directly at my feet, would qualify as receiving a flower from Azna.  It gave me a sense of peace and a strong feeling that I was certainly being watched over.  What a great gift to begin my class!


22.  After class, I created a room in my home just for hypnosis.   It is colorful, comfortable, and blessed.  I have since heard soft, relaxed breathing patterns in that room and even a few light snores.  A local newspaper did an article in the business section of the Clovis News Journal announced my business, and I began getting busy.  I found some spiritual people who wanted to learn more about Gnosticism in my town.  We continued my single-person Study Group by adding a few more names to the list, and making it an actual Study Group.


23.  Every hypnosis session has been an amazing experience for me.  I love seeing clients leave with a big smile on their face or even with that expression of curious disbelief.  Each client has his or her own experience of course.  Some are filled with vivid memories and others have only a few.  I find that I am guided and so are my clients to where healing is most needed.  Whatever a person's reason for coming to see me, curiosity, healing, loss love, patience, anxiety, quitting an addiction, increased intuition, spiritual connection, or just a need to relax; I find that clients leave having learned something that can help them.  It is powerful information and the goal for me is individual empowerment.  I may only plant the seed, but sometimes that is enough.


24.  I have been warned that some people might not see my religious point of view.  I have no intention of trying to change anyone's religious point of view.  I am no threat to anyone.  My intentions are pure.  Anyone who meets me can see, feel, and know that.  I understood the day I signed up for a class to learn Sylvia Browne's technique for hypnosis that associating my name in any way with hers would cause me to be a target for the types of slings and arrows she has known her entire life.  I feel sorry for those people who do not like Sylvia Browne because I see her as bold, intelligent, loving, honest, and very human. 


25.  I have never been the type of person to go along with the majority for the sake of being like everyone else.  Most people do that because it is easier.  I find Sylvia Brown's personality refreshing.  Just think about how much guts it would take to do and say the things she has.  What kind of passion would you need to start your own church.  I would love to be able to say I am that brave.  I took this particular hypnosis class for a very good reason.  It is healing.  It was self-tested on me personally with miraculous results before I ever attended the class.  I knew how well it could work.  I continue to see different forms of healing in clients every day that I practice.  I am truly Blessed!


26.  Recently, I have had more than one client come in to see me for hypnosis, who does not have physical or mental problems.  They are not confused and don't feel that they need help.  These people want to learn to be more intuitive.  Some want a strong connection to their own spirituality.  I'm not sure if they know that hypnosis will help, but they seem to understand it can.


27.  A client, who came in for hypnosis in August 2007, was going through a rough time and was very frustrated when she arrived for the session.  She seemed a bit nervous and agitated, and I had some trouble getting her settled down to begin.  She had no problem seeing different current and past lives during the session.  She had a pattern in fact that I could clearly see with each discussion, but I really wanted her to see this pattern for herself.  Right before the session ended, she began a discussion about how frustrated she was, while still under hypnosis.  I am led spiritually during a session and will try things outside my script to help a client.  So I said to her "And now I want you to take a minute and clear your mind.  Listen, be calm for just a moment, open your mind and listen, if you have a question, you can ask it (in your mind) and the answer will come to you."


28.  She got very quiet and after a moment or two, I said, "Are you getting an answer?"  Her response was in a whisper as she said, "The Lord is speaking to me."  I immediately felt a wave of loving energy come over me.  I was about to start crying because I was struck at the thought of such a wonderful event actually occurring but was also a bit mesmerized.  I could only watch her.  She would listen for a moment and then a wave of peace would come over her face.  Then she started repeating what he was saying.  After an even longer silence, I finally said "Do you understand what he means?"  She said "yes."  I asked if he was finished.  She said "yes."  I brought her out of the hypnosis, but I could barely speak for fighting back my joyful tears. 


29.  When she finally opened her eyes, I stopped the recorder and said "You invited Jesus to your hypnosis session?"  She then asked "Are you upset?" because she could tell I was emotional.  My voice was still cracking.  I said, "No, I'm just surprised."   It was absolutely the most amazing thing that has every happened in my life, and I still feel great joy for having been allowed to be a part of the experience.  Jesus is welcome at any and all of my hypnosis sessions.  As if he needed an invitation!  The words she heard and repeated that day truly helped her and gave us both such comfort.  This is not a day I'm likely to ever forget.  As I sit here writing this, I wonder if the experience was for her or me or both of us, or maybe it was for all those who might read this and feel that wave of love wash over them.


30.  This experience has prompted me to add the asking of a question in my script.  I tell client's ahead of time if they want to do this, decide on a question with a one word answer, like "yes or no" or "wait or go."  But it can really be any question.  So when I come to that place in the script, I ask the question the same as I found it on the recording from that day.  The results have been amazing.  It's like an experience of having a telepathic conversation with your Spirit Guide without ever opening your mouth.  This dialog comes easy to some but not so easy for others.  When it happens under hypnosis, I believe it mimics the way it should happen in a meditation or even while awake.  It's easier to repeat something you have learned to do under guidance.


31.  My learned intuitiveness was not an easy journey.  It took a long time for me to allow myself to be that relaxed.  However, I think it is a human possibility for anyone to experience this with some practice.  I am so open to any suggestion that pops in my head now that I actually have information come to me during a hypnosis session while I am saying my script.  The first time it happened, I thought I was just stumbling over my own words until I realized I had made a Freudian slip as it's called.  The words just came out.  I didn't mean to say them consciously, and I just pressed on with the next sentence.  What I said was "you should forgive yourself."  I think that is even harder to do sometimes than forgiving others.  So maybe this client did need to forget herself.  I think we all do.


32.  On August 5, 2007, was the very first meeting of the Local Clovis Study Group.  There were only three of us in attendance, but it was certainly a start.  The first meeting was a bit of an explanation, which I will repeat at every meeting when newcomers are in attendance.  I am trying to give the people who attend some flexibility in how we conduct this weekly meeting because it is our meeting, not just mine.  It seems to be a combination of exchanging information about what Novus Spiritus Gnostic Christianity really is and prior beliefs and worship.  We each contribute to snacks so hunger does not distract us.  It only last about an hour and a half, but I find it like a spiritual recharge for the week ahead.  I feel that same loving energy in the room when we have these meetings that I have previously described.  I am so happy and grateful to have others with me on this journey.


33.  As part of my spiritual awakening, I have been trying to understand how to heal.  I have always felt that I was a healer in a past life, and my spirit already knows how to do it.  Except this body does not know how to do it, only my spirit does.  When I asked how the Novus Spiritus ministers do healing after the church service, I'm told "you are nothing more than a tube, and you just ask for it."  My mind has a long way to go before it's that easy for me, but I'm getting better. 


34.  I have been reading everything I can about healing energy and how other legitimate spiritual healers work.  I have even tried to heal a few willing friends, who always seem to feel better after.  That's of course a good sign.  I got all these ideas about healing from meeting a very powerful healer, who sat next to me and put his hands over me but was a few feet away.  While he was healing, I could feel the vibration and energy coming from him.  This allowed me to know what vibrations and energy feel like and after that day, it was like a trigger for me.  I had also been writing a short script or ceremony from what I learned to help everyone cooperate with the healing process. 


35.  Along the way, I have been allowed to meet the rest of my Spirit Guides.  I heard that a person really has more than one Spirit Guide, but the primary is the only one you really need to know about.  Well, I wanted to know them all.  I have now seen during meditation or sleep all of them.  I have a primary Spirit Guide named Liz, who is in charge.  I have another named John, who is my relationships guy.  I feel most sorry for him because I have had many daunting relationships.  I think he sometimes has to just laugh at my love life.  And then I met Trent.  I don't think Trent is his real name, but I like that name and probably wouldn't be able to pronounce his if I heard it or saw it spelled, so Trent is the name I got when I asked.  Trent is a healer, and that made me feel so much better about healing.  I have help.  I also met a woman named Lily, who is my Master Teacher.  She has a rough job too.  I'm not the easiest student.  I ask a lot of questions.


36.  Now I believe that all of the entities on the Other Side can heal, but I now feel very confident that I can facilitate this process even if I don't understand it as well as I'd like to.  I tell people sometimes that it's alright if I forget or miss something in hypnosis because my Spirit Guides won't, and they will pick up after me and help me achieve success.  So when one of my Study Group members asked me to do a healing for someone to open their chakras, I agreed willingly.  I had no problem finishing my script for the ceremony and recording it with my Royalty Free background music.  It takes about 8 1/2 minutes for it to play completely.  I explain what the person being healed does, mostly allows the healing, and what a person does who wants to facilitate the healing, asks to be nothing more than a tube for healing energy.  I just asked the others there to pray or visualize what is being said as the recording plays.


37.  My first healing ceremony went very well.  I had been experiencing problems with my knees getting weak under the force of the energy, but I must be getting used to it because it's become less a problem.  My only problem for this healing was that while I visualized and asked to be a tube, I could feel the rush of heat and energy going pass my face.  My Spirit Guides at work I'm guessing.  It was so hot sometimes, I'd bow my head to keep from experiencing it.  The air conditioning was on at the time too.  When it was done, I felt tears running down my face.  The person being healed felt a pressure in her third eye area of her forehead, which subsided when it was finished.  What an experience!  I will tie back my long hair next time and make sure the air is turned up higher.


38.  I have not written here in a while.  Today is 11/07/08, and we have just elected a new president.  I find President Elect Barrack Obama so inspiring when he speaks and try to listen to him whenever I can.  I have great hope now for the future of the U.S. and our economy, which apparently has an effect on the entire world.  By making history, Americans have shown our greatest strength.  I only write about this here because I was touched by this election and how it inspired everyone to participate, even my only son for the very first time decided he needed to vote.  I believe we are finally on the right track with this Mystical Traveler guiding the nation.


39.  I have personally done some hypnosis sessions since I last wrote but not as many as after I graduated.  I have had some adversity in my life, which made me stop advertising hypnosis.  The part of my house I was using to do hypnosis came under a never-ending renovation project.  I have had problems with contractors not giving me what I want or needed to complete the Study Group room, which must be accessed to get my Hypnosis Room.  Having to do this renovation alone was a big emotional issue for me.  I had a lot of bad feelings about doing renovation at all and wasn't really sure why.  That seems like a strange phobia, but when you consider the invasion of your home with dust and mess, it gets a bit clearer about where these blocks might originate.


I have taken several steps for coming to terms with this ongoing event.  I tried self-hypnosis and meditation and that wasn't helping much.  I just would wake up each morning and try to call people and get help with the project, and it was a huge chore for me, as well as a lesson in rejection.  I finally read Sylvia's book "Temples on the Other Side" and began praying to go to these temples while I was asleep for help.  Most of the time I do not remember my dreams, so I can only know that my prayers were answered because the renovation project got easier for me.  I had a waking memory of a past life where I was forced by a conquering culture to renovate my home and rid myself of all my previous culture for this new regime.  That was an awful memory.


40.  This past life seemed to be the source of my anxiety.  As soon as I became aware of why I felt so strongly about having to do it, there was a feeling of well being, understanding, and healing.  Change is hard for most of us to embrace.  I actually had to look at these changes in my home like a job for a long time to finally achieve emotional success.  Thankfully, I was able to get a small home equity loan before the economy started to get too bad.  I consolidated all my bills into this one lower interest loan.  I made the loan for more than the payoff of my bills.  I put the extra money in my savings and checking for the renovation.  So far, I have been able to do the much-needed repairs on my entire home and make it more energy efficient, warmer, and a lot more comfortable. 


41.  The Study Group Room is finished finally, but since I had cancelled our meetings for so long, I haven't been able to start them up again since May 2008.  I put out a request for anyone still interested in attending to contact me.  My hypnosis room has a new more comfortable chair, and I have began to advertise hypnosis.  The renovation has moved on to my living part of the home and out of the reach of the business area but still in progress.  I am grateful to those here and on The Other Side who helped me through it so far.  I am also very grateful for my retirement that has allowed me to continue this project without having to stop and go back to work.


42.  It is April 9, 2010.   A long period of time has passed since I last wrote on my story.  There is a reason for that.  I will try to explain what happened and where I feel I am headed now.  I continued to renovate areas of my home even after I had spent the equity loan.  I used my savings and now just my fixed income and will for as long as I need to for this project to be complete.


43.  There were many bumps along the way, including me getting very ill.  I never put another ad for hypnosis clients because I could never know whether I was well enough to work day by day.  I got very angry about the VA’s medical care and contacted a caseworker, who helped me to get the surgeries I needed to get better.  Since you really need to say, “yes” to a surgery you have been waiting for at the VA, I had two of them in a two-month period during September and October of 2009.  Both of them were very successful, and I am so much better.


44.  I started to feel like I wanted to go back to work or do something.  I started traveling and have taken some great trips to places I have wanted to go for a very long time.  I have met some great new friends and am now ready to learn more about my spirituality.


45.  I have been very attracted to paranormal investigation for a while now, so I started looking for a group I can participate with crossing over ghosts.  The problem is that most groups just want to do the technical work and declare the space haunted or not.  I want to communicate and help the ghosts who are trapped there cross over.  When I first read about his why ghosts remain on this plane in Sylvia’s books, I felt a kinship with them.  I wanted to help them immediately.  Yet, I wasn’t sure how because I felt I was not psychic, and only sensitive.


46.  I finally found a group down in Las Cruces, only 300 miles away, that actually did this kind of work, or they claimed to.  I never did get to go out on an investigation with them or hear about how they crossed over any ghosts.  I do know they were very picky about who joined the group.  I attended 3 of their meetings and right before the last one, I had a reading with one of the advisors.  She was to determine if I was a good fit for their group.  I didn’t mind the reading but wasn’t sure what she could tell me that I didn’t already know.  I will try to explain what she told me to the best of my memory.


47.  She said I was clairvoyant but did not use my gift.  She felt strongly that I could channel as well.  I told her I did some auto-writing.  She said, “Well, that is channeling.”  I had never thought of it that way, but it is a form of channeling.  I told her I had a strong feeling that I had helped ghosts cross over in a past life.  She said “You are doing it right now already, when you sleep.  Astral traveling, you go to people who have had a traumatic death like in a car accident or on the battlefield and help them understand what happened for them to cross over.” 


48.  She felt I was a good fit for the paranormal group but wouldn’t stay with them.  She said my mission was to go where needed and share my light and that’s what I’d be doing in the future.  I asked her about what she saw around me.  She got a strange look on her face and a smile.  She seemed genuinely delighted by what she saw.  She expressed that her visual was a distinct connect with the Divine and the feminine principle.  I explained to her that I was one of Azna’s warriors.


49.  I left this reading feeling like I was drained and even took a nap that afternoon.  The information she gave me was already knowledge I had, but her most profound suggestion was that I could handle it all.  I had a great knowledge from past lives that would propel me to do anything I need to well.  That was my biggest fear, not being able to handle it all.  She said I had many gifts and was not using them.  After hearing her say that, I felt like I should open myself to all my gifts and ask for help in learning to use them better.  I did not know how powerful a reading could be until this one.


50.  For a long time now, I have had an internet group, where people can come and ask for help.  The group and I try to give them whatever assistance and encouragement possible over the internet.  I have had people email me, and I have also helped others in person.  The most powerful gift I actually have is that I can look at any problem and have possible solutions come to me easily.  I don’t come up with solutions on my own.  I might start the conversation with that, but mostly suggestions just come to me.  It’s like giving someone a reading but more in a conversational form.  I was taught in counseling that you never advise people what to do.  You give them suggestions or possibilities, but the person alone must make the decision of how to proceed.  I find that to be most empowering for each individual.  I can fish for you, or I can actually teach you to fish.  I’d rather teach you to fish.


51.  I have decided, since I am feeling better and this reading has motivated me forward, I will offer both a psychic counsel and past life hypnosis, when I start up my business again.  This will happen very soon, so I wanted to write about it here first, so that people might understand that I have been in denial about my gifts for a long time and not using them to the fullest extent.  I have always felt I had the capabilities, but I’ve been blocking information all my life.  I’m asking for all of it to come to me now to help others find their way and their own truth.  I have no reservations about offering myself to do something I have actually been doing for a very long time.  It is time.


52.  I wrote a prayer to Mother God Azna a while back that I have read to myself and outloud many times. This morning, 04/25/10, I was preparing my petition and thanking God for all those requests that I had been granted. I decided to read my prayer again because it is part of my list. Just as I finished the last words, I felt a sprinkling of love and light decend over me. The thought of stardust came to mind. I was overwhelmed by the presence of Mother God. She blessed me this morning just as I asked for in the prayer to her.



Sending love and light...