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Francine said to me "Christ is so pleased with your Gnosticism!"  "The reason for this, Sylvia, is because you and your religion and your people are doing what his message truly meant to be." [Sylvia - s/5/21/89]  JOS Topic 8, page 45.

This information below was compiled from Spiritual Life Counseling Chat and some ideas I had already presented to my Study Group.  Please drop me an email if you can think of any other reasons you appreciate this philosophy.  

  1. All religions are welcome.
  2. Donations never required.
  3. Protection from negativity.
  4. Increases intuitive abilities.
  5. No recruiting or preaching.
  6. Can make life easier to live.
  7. Increases connection to God.
  8.  A living and growing religion.
  9.  Embraces the feminine principle.
  10.  Gives tools for a happy life.
  11.   Jesus is our Messiah, not God.
  12.   Unconditional love is the goal.
  13.   A loving God does not punish.
  14.   Donít judge or allow judging.
  15.   Eternal life, our spirit lives on.
  16.   Life on Earth is the only hell.
  17.   Gives us tools for healing.   
  18.   Unconditionally love yourself and others.
  19.   Exposure to loving people and energy.
  20.   Take what you need and leave the rest.
  21.   Not expected to be perfect, just perfecting.
  22.   Lifeís purpose is to experience for God.
  23.   Encouraged to find your own truth.
  24.   We are all a spark of the divine.
  25.   Empower others to find their light.
  26.   Know God, not just have faith.
  27.   Your chart was your decision to learn.
  28.   Dead on Earth, living on the Other Side.
  29.   Love God, do good, and go home.

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The Clovis Local Study Group is a combination of meditation, prayer, discussion of Journey of the Souls (JOS), petitioning Azna, healing, and of course snacks (my favorite) that all are welcome to contribute.  It is nothing more or less than an hour an a half of spiritual recharge each week.  When the meeting ends, we depart with hope and love in our heart and a stronger connection for our soul.


We have our own Novus Spiritus advisor, who lives in California, and helps with any questions that we can't resolve on our own.  All religions are welcome and when a new member comes into the group, we began by explain the philosophy.  You might find some things a little different than other religions, but Novus Spiritus is a most loving Christianity.  You will probably find more about us similar than you might think.


Most religions have a thread of commonality, and Novus Spiritus explores that sameness as well as the loving and most God-Centered soul's journey to becoming one with his or her surroundings, community, the world, the universe, and God.  This philosophy of seeking our own path and being responsible for it leaves us all wanting to make sure everyone has the opportunity to experience Gnostic Christianity.


However, this religion will not tell you how to think.  It will ask you to take what you need and leave the rest.  It will also ask you to believe what resonates most with your soul and to become a seeker of knowledge and spirituality, which is what the word Gnostic means.  You may participate as much or as little as you feel to find your greater connection.  We do not recruit membership, but we would love to open your world to this information.




T E N E T S   O F   N O V U S

(Paraphrased by Sharon)

Simply Stated Guidelines for Living



1.      Find peace by overcoming your own imposed limitations.  Focus outward and help those you can.

2.     Send your love out to the world for others to absorb.  Love sent is never lost and will return.

3.     God does not possess petty human traits.  Experience the purity of God in his unconditional love.

4.     Because you are part of God, your untapped abilities can help create your own heaven on earth.

5.     Use your spark of the Divine as a veritable force.  You do possess the power to help others.

6.     Trust in your own strength and hold steady in your faith, knowing every prayer is answered.

7.     Life is merely temporary, a path winding towards perfection. Success is learning with each step.

8.     Allow no human to judge you.  You are subject to social law, but only God has final judgement.

9.     Be a beacon of Light for others by having a joy and zest for life.  Set an example for others.

10.   Experience spiritual growth by finding God within and allowing Their love to enter your spirit.

11.    Sin can only be committed against the soul itself by a willful and malice act of harm to another.

12.   Treat your body as a living temple worthy of respect since your soul is a part of the Divine.

13.   Adversities and obstacles in life aid in perfecting your soul, which is why you chose this life.

14.   Karma is a merely a balancing of experiences.  Only God and yourself can balance any inequities.

15.   Reincarnation is designed to perfect your soul and every person will have many opportunities.

16.   The meaning of life is simply to live for God, love others, and be a beacon of hope to the world.

17.   War and killing defiles the temple of God.  When attacked, it is compulsory to defend yourself.

18.   Death is a reward for living and never an accident.  Leave with dignity when your time is here.

19.   Mother God, Azna, is the co-creator to our all-loving Father God.  She does answer prayers.

20. Our Lord was crucified but did not die.  He lived on thereafter with his mother and his wife.

     21. The truth that Christís lineage exists even today has been hidden but remains open to research.



This was posted by me on my Yahoo Group about the Clovis Study Group:


I read a passage from JOS Topic 6, page 37, in yesterday's Study Group because I felt it held profound meaning for me and possibly others. This is just a portion of it below that I have quoted:

"The power that exudes from coming to Church or professing your Gnosticism brings power unto you and protection because you come together. Then profess yourself. The only reason why there is any homage paid on a certain Feast Day is because it brings power to you."

"But the power of good things coming to you when you do, is far more prevalent. The power of togetherness. That is what Our Lord tried to tell people. That is what Buddha tried to tell people, and Mohammed too."

This touched my very soul, and I believe this is what we do in Study Group, on the internet, in the Yahoo Groups, by chatting on messenger, and emailing each other with hope, encouragement, and understanding.