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Mother God

Mother God is the feminine principle suggested in the book The DeVinci Code.  In all of nature, there is a male and there is a female.  So if we have a Father God, then it is only logical to also have a Mother God.  Father God is intellect and Mother God is emotion.  We need both intellect and emotion working well to feel mentally balanced.

We call Mother God, Azna, and so can you.  She was purposely and politically left out of religion and the bible through the ages and then brought back as Mother Mary for Catholics.  Sylvia Browne has written several books to explain it all much better than I can.  she has a book called "Mother God" in fact.  She also discusses this in "The Three Mary's" and "The Mystical Life of Jesus."

When I first learned about Mother God, I was so facinated by Her and then I was sad because knowledge of her had been surpressed.  She is so powerful at granting prayers and wishes.  At each Novus Spiritus church service, everyone is given a sheet of paper and a pencil for their petition to Azna.  After the service, the ministers tell us they ceremoniously burn the papers and bury them in the garden outside.  Anyone can do this.  This ritual makes your request more powerful.

I personally have an ongoing list of petitions to Azna on my computer because as she grants my prayers, I say thanks directly on the list, and burn it one more time.  Then remove that item completely the next time.  I add new ones as I need them and petitions for others who have asked.  I condense the font so that the prayers are on a very small sheet of paper for me to burn.

I am very specific when I ask for anything in prayer or petition.  The idea of a prayer is not to say "help me God."  That prayer probably won't get much attention.   However, a request for the money or means to take care of a particular bill has a good chance of being answered because that is specific.  

I love knowing about Azna because I am aware that only an elite group of us pray to Her.  That means that she can grant prayers more easily in my mind.  Sylvia Browne writes in her books to ask Azna for anything big or small, just try it.  What do you have to loose by asking?

Azna was surpressed long ago and is only recently coming back.  If you look at very ancient documents, Mother God has gone by other names but was very much known even before Christ was born.  It is said that she will leave a flower outside your door to let you know she was there or that She is the one who granted your petition.  I did get my flower from Azna as I described in "Sharon's Story" on my website.

Father God is static and holds us all in place.  He is intellect and all power.  He can not hold a form for very long because he is so powerful.  Mother God is more active and can hold a form longer.  She can change charts and grant petitions.  She is emotion.  The theory about why our world has so much negativity is because she has been surpressed as well as Her emotion.

Together Father and Mother God may be called God because They are one in Their love and being.


I wrote a prayer to Mother God one day when I was feeling very ill and needed help physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  This is what I wrote:

Blessed Azna,

Surround those I love and myself with the white light of the Holy Spirit.  Protect me from all negativity and give me the strength to do Your will. 

     Arem, Shem, Beth, Sedal, Sacravalian, Ahad. 

Forgive the ignorance of this world for not ever giving you the credit you deserve by surpressing the feminine principle.  Forgive all those of us on Earth for not knowing who you are from the moment we arrive. 

     Arem, Shem, Beth, Sedal, Sacravalian, Ahad. 

I am grateful to Sylvia for her courage to seek and spread Your truth.  I am grateful to have the entire picture of You and our Father and Your love for us as one God. 

     Arem, Shem, Beth, Sedal, Sacravalian, Ahad. 

I promise to leave a legacy of helping each other and those in need.  I promise to humbly spread your message and allow your guidance to lead me. 

     Arem, Shem, Beth, Sedal, Sacravalian, Ahad. 

I am but one of your greatest devotees and want to be your strongest warrior.  Show me how to spread Your love and light and rid this world of negativity and pain. 

     Arem, Shem, Beth, Sedal, Sacravalian, Ahad. 

My heart is filled with love for You, my spirit guides, my angels and all the archetypes guiding and protecting me.  Grant me an audience with You, so that I might be healed and continue my mission. 

     Arem, Shem, Beth, Sedal, Sacravalian, Ahad.


Translation for "Arem, Shem, Beth, Sedal, Sacravalian, Ahad" is "Blessed be this Queen on high who is sacred to all who come to her."