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This information was compiled from Spiritual Life Counseling Chat.  Please drop me an email if you can think of any other ideas to help with intuitiveness.


1.       Practice listening to God.
2.       Accept everything shown.
3.       Allow the information to flow.
4.       Believe and know God loves you.
5.       Trust God is there for you.
6.       Ask a specific not general question.
7.       Give all credit to God, no false ego.
8.       Learn to focus and concentrate.
9.       Meditate to quiet the mind.
10.     Unconditionally love yourself and others.
11.     Ask in prayer for intuition.
12.     Establish a connection to God.
13.     Accept the first answer given.
14.     Allow your conscious mind to step back.
15.     Allow your spirit mind to come forward.
16.     Release the dogma of religion.
17.     Be grateful and thankful for the answer.
18.     Talk to your Spirit Guide.  Find out a name.
19.     Allow your Spirit Guide to read your thoughts.
20.     Learn all you can about spirituality.
21.     Listen to your heart and soul.
22.     Trust your gut feeling is right.
23.    Blend into your surroundings.
24.    Become one with the universe.