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You do not need to believe in past lives for regressive hypnosis to work and heal.

Most religions actually believe in eternal life.  What exactly does that mean?  We are a body and a spirit.  After the body has expired, the spirit lives on.  That is basically the meaning of eternal life as described in many religions.  So doesn't thiis also mean we always have been as well as we always wll be?  If so, w here were we before this life began?  And where will we be after this life has ended?  Where did the spirit of our loved ones go after their death?  While you ponder that for a on.


Past Life Regressive Hypnosis simply stated is the use of hypnosis to view a previous life for the purpose of healing cell memory pain and negativity that has been brought forth into this life as a physical, mental, or spiritual problem.  You may have heard it called the mind-body-soul experience.


Cell Memory simply stated is the memories you have of previous lives that are unconsciously brought forth into this life or ones that bleed over into this life, connected to your spirit, and manifest as a physical, mental, or spiritual ailment.  Sometimes modern medicine may or may not be able to diagnose these problems. 


Behavior Modification Hypnosis simply stated is the use of hypnosis to modify undesirable behavior.  This is usually accomplished through a series of hypnotic suggestions that are designed to promote a positive behavior that will replace the undesirable behavior.


Gnostic philosophy explains that we have had many past lives, and we may have many more in the future.  That would be our choice.  What most religions call heaven, Gnostics call the “Other Side.”  This is where we were before this life, and this is where we will go after this life.


The Other Side is described as another dimension, where our spirits will continue to live on after we die.  A place where the spirit or soul of our deceased loved ones currently dwell in bliss and harmony.  Much of this philosophy is explained in Sylvia Browne’s book “Past Lives, Future Healing.”   She has also included many examples of people who have had cell memories released through past life regression hypnosis. 


For example, a person with a past life where they were executed by hanging might experience unexplained neck pain or spasms.  A person with a past life where they were pushed off a cliff might have an unexplained fear of heights or climbing.


These kinds of cell memories can present along with other physical or mental ailments, or they can present alone.  No matter how bizarre this previous explanation might be for you to swallow, just remember, you do not need to believe in reincarnation or past lives for regressive hypnosis to work and healYou can sometimes even bring forth positive memories during regression from a previous life, like a special skill or talent.


As I understand it, hypnosis gets you in touch with the creator and yourself, and this promotes healing and a connection.   It has been described as the opening of one’s subconscious to allow problems to be released and positive reinforcement put in place but without the conscious mind getting in the way.  It works for different problems by releasing the them, working through them, and/or modifying the behavior at the subconscious level.  It has also been known to help with very current grief.  Clients have reported finding a stronger connection with their own intuitiveness and spirituality through this technique of hypnosis.