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To bless a house and rid it of entities and imprints.

You will need salt, Holy Water, and a white candle.  Salt is the ancient symbol of purification, and the white candle is just for the positive spiritual energy.

First, to make Holy Water, you need to set any kind of water out in direct sunlight for 3 hours, making your religious sign over it at least 3 times during this time.  It may be the sign of the cross, whatever spiritual sign that means the most to you.

Now, starting at a trinity hour (3, 6, 9, or 12) in the evening, surround yourself with the white light, and grab your three things.  I used a water bottle with the pop up spout, easier that way.  Light the candle to guide your path, and start by spreading the salt on the ground around the perimeter of your house (if you live in an apartment, you go along the outer walls I think from the inside).  As you are spreading the salt, stop at every door and window, sprinkle them with Holy Water, and seal the entrance with your spiritual sign (cross, whatever you use).  Make sure to seal every entrance into the house, think of the Holy Water is a visible shield only dark entities can see, that they cannot penetrate.  Make sure to close the openings with the salt.  That is the outside blessing, to keep things from coming in.

Then, once inside, carry the candle and the water (doesn't mention needing to use the salt inside a house).  Bless each and every room with the Holy Water and the spiritual sign, repeating this prayer continuously:

"Beloved Father and Mother, cleanse and purify this room with the White Light of the Holy Spirit.  Purge all negativity from within and fill it with Your loving grace.  Amen." 

Simply walk around outside whatever it is you want to bless sprinkling salt and water until you surrounded it.  And then move inside the circle carrying the crucifix and making the sign of the cross with the candle.

From My Psychic Journey by Chris Dufresne (Sylvia’s Son)

House Blessing and Cleansing

“In the name of our Heavenly Father, the Holy Mother, and the Divine Son, we ask that the Holy Spirit Cleanse, and purify this room so that no darkness can remain or enter.  Encompass this room completely and wholly with your love and your protection.  Amen.”

Note:  After all the rooms are blessed, the following prayer should be said for the individuals:

“Dear God, let all who reside in and enter this home be imbued with Your love, protection, and light.  Amen.”

From Sylvia Browne Prayers

House Blessing and Cleansing

My Study Group wanted to burn Sage as well, so we did so when we blessed my home.  We drove the 4.6 acres and blessed the entire property.  The only thing we didn’t do was dance around a fire but maybe next time.