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Healing Yourself


The power to heal yourself can be found within you.  The more you practice to focus, the better you will get at it. 

        (1) You must have a strong belief and actually feel that you can be healed (the power of knowing ). 

        (2) You must feel grateful that you are as well off as you are, and when you start to feel better be thankful for that too (the power of gratitude ). 

        ( 3) You must stimulate your healing force by focusing on happy things, like watching comedies or listening to beautiful music (the power of laughter ).  Remove all negativity from your thoughts and your life.  Avoid the news.

        (4) Meditation is a great way to heal when you learn to close your eyes and let the world slip away.  Anyone can learn to meditate.  It only requires a few minutes a day.  You can buy CDs or tapes or use the Novus Spiritus church healing meditation if you are in a Study Group.  You can download them free from the Internet at under "Meditations to Go".  You can even record your own voice by reading from some of Sylvia Browne's or other healing meditatiions in books.  (the power of guided visualization)

        (5) It might help to dream about something fun to do so you can look forward to it for when you feel better. (the power of motivation )

        (6) Pray (ask God for help), meditate (listen for God’s answer), call upon healing from God’s angels, and "ask God for any pain or negativity you are holding from the past in your spirit mind and cell memory be released and resolved in the white light of the Holy Spirit."  (the power of spirituality)

        (7) Get a copy of “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne on DVD, CD, or in book and absorb the information until you understand the healing part completely.  (the power of positive thinking )

        (8) Learn to express love.  You must love yourself enough to want to be healed.  (the power of love)

        (9) Experience past life regression hypnosis or past life regression self-hypnosis.  (the power of purpose )

        (10)  If you live near the local area of Clovis, NM, you may ask for a healing ceremony at a Study Group meeting.  It only takes about 9 minutes.  Contact me for the location of the meeting for that week.  I have a link on my home page to more information about Novus Spiritus.  (the power of support )

        (11) Five Steps to Healing and Getting Your Spirit Back by Caroline Myss:

               STEP 1.  Forgive anyone for hurting you and forgive yourself.  (the power of forgiveness)

               STEP 2.  Healing is an ongoing process of seeking a balance.  (the power of balance)

               STEP 3.  Asking why this happened to you serves no purpose.  (the power of acceptance)

               STEP 4.  Chart a course for healing by creating another life path.  (the power of change)

               STEP 5.  Stop sharing your wounds with others and let them go.  (the power of release)

        (12) If you want to be healed, I recommend that you do all these things and some of them daily, like the meditation and prayer.  (the power of determination )


Disclaimer:  This does not mean you never have to go to the doctor, but some illnesses are not completely cured by modern medicine and the pain can linger.  I suggest this plan of attack to augment your physician’s.