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Sharon’s Look at Self-Interpreting Dreams:


          First, try to understand the overall meaning of the dream and not the details.  How did the dream make you feel?


          Then, look at the list below and see which category your dream might fit.  Some dreams can fit into more than one.


          Then, try to tell for what the purpose of the dream might be.  Dreams are meant to help you release emotionally.


          Lastly , you can look up any symbols for further interpretation.  There may be more than one.  Which feels right?



Kinds of Dreams


Prophetic – always in color, action takes place in a logical sequence with one event leading to another in some kind of logical order about a future event


Astral – anytime you are flying without the benefit of a plane, can travel to anyone both here or on the Other Side, unfolds in a logical sequence of events, just like when awake


     Astral travel to a past life - when a dream is particularly a recurring one, seems real, and haunting, and the elements in it inexplicably familiar, and it does not see to fit any of the other dream categories, there's a good chance you've traveled to another era.


Release – everything in a dream that you have any kind of emotional reaction to is about you, confusing, includes nightmares, working out of fears, frustrations, anger, invariably have some element of absurdity


Wish – wonderful reflection of what you want, sometimes should be taken at face value, others are not to be taken literally but symbolically, what we think is missing in our life


Information or Problem Solving – wake up with solutions to a problem or new information about a problem, information can come by astral visit or telepathy




Taken from Sylvia Browne’s Book of Dreams