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I have found that there are several areas in life that can be specifically honed to reveal life’s abundance and experience a greater harmony.  A holistic look at mind, body, and spirit is the best way to begin.  Missing any part of the big picture will leave an emptiness in that area.  Some of the areas of life that need consistent attention are Health, Spirituality, Purpose, Finances, Career, Family, Relationships (Parter/Friends), Learning, and Fun. 

If you are missing any of these, life can feel imbalanced.  Review them one at a time and work toward achieving that balance.  You will know there is balance when you wake up each morning looking forward to the day with a smile on your face and love in your heart. 

The day has come for communities and people to reach out and help each other through life.  We are always stronger in groups.  My intention is to do this in any small way that I can.  I watch closely for opportunities to use my talents and share my gifts.  I have been through many adverse periods in my life but have always emerged from them stronger, wiser, more spiritual, and willing to continue. 

This website is filled with bits and pieces of what I know about Gnostic philosophy.