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Mystical Traveler Rays Can Be Used By Anyone

Color of (Candles, Energy, Light)

Meaning and Use



Holy Spirit, Protection, Purity, Love of Azna and Om

6.  Known for activation, experience and protection.  Can be used to take care of others.

Pink (Mauve or Magenta)

Love, Beauty

5.  Seeking knowledge, evolution; becoming flesh to learn for God.  Allowing others to seek their path.

Silver (Silver-Blue or Gray)

Stops Negativity, Security

1.  Godís thought comes in the vibration of Silver Light that goes with planting Silver columns of Light.

Gold (Gold or Darker Yellow)

Mother God Azna, Spiritual Awareness, Nerves

Purple (Royal or Violet)

Father God, Spirituality, Royalty, Endocrine Gland Sys

7.  A culmination of everything done in every life and what you have done on the Other Side.


Blue (Royal or Indigo or Midnight)

Jesus, Peace, Tranquility, Mental Health, Intuition

2.  Used to dispel darkness in other people by visualizing the dark blue color going through them.

6-Brow (Third Eye)

Blue (Light)

Voice & Truth, Peace


Green (Emerald)

Healing,Rejuvenation, Emotion

3.  Used to disperse negative energy, heal, a symbol of reproduction and life and growth.


Yellow (Lemon)

Individual Power, Joy, Healing

3-Solar Plexus

Orange (Bright)

Creativity, Sexuality, Spiritual Evolving

4.  The higher spirituality of giving your will to God.  This colorís vibratory aura can dispel depression.

2-Sacral (Hypogastric)

Red (Cherry or Maroon or Scarlett)

Circulatory System, Passion

1-Root (Base)